Things you need to know about linking chains for the sausage and hot dog industry from Stone Enterprises

Linking chains are an essential part of your hot dog and sausage business. They are located downstream on a sausage linker from the metering pump and stuffing tube, over time those chains stretch causing variances in your lengths and weights effecting your product and bottom line.

At Stone Enterprises we use only the finest of Stainless Steel roller chain either in standard or metric choices. Stone Enterprises can provide the large Lug, standard Lug or Cocktail lug depending on what size of product you are producing. We work closely with many meat plants in the food processing and packaging industry to help solve issues from safety, efficiency and cost savings with customer service that is second to none.

So whether you are using a Townsend,HI-TEC or Vemag linker give Stone Enterprises a call for all your Linking Chain, metering Pumps, stuffing tubes or over 10,000 parts for the food processing and packaging industry. For more information call 402-502-8100 or go to to see more of Stones Products