The Stone Enterprises Tray De-Nester can speed up production in your food processing plant by feeding your production line with separated foam or plastic trays. Separating trays is a repetitive job and the number of trays is endless. It takes a lot of time and labor that could be used for processing. With speed control for up to 100 trays per minute. Optional remote speed control, allowing management to adjust tine speeds remotely at any time. The Tray De-nester works with both foam and plastic trays, up to three inches deep. It has a portable, compact, low maintenance design with an adjustable frame for any height conveyor. The Stone Enterprises Tray De-nester is completely washdown rated. Custom made of 300 series stainless steel, with AMI’s Sanitation Equipment Design Principles in mind. Currently we have 1 in stock for immediate delivery. Whether you’re in the need for a tray de-nester, custom conveyor, tote dumper or replacement parts for your food processing plant reach out to Stone Enterprises in Omaha Nebraska 877-653-0500